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We are a boutique consulting firm serving the financial information services industry. Our consultants are industry experts on market and reference data products and investment management solutions.

As North America's leading market data solutions consultancy we understand the importance of data in the financial markets and global economy.

Leader in market data consulting

Market Data Company is a professional consulting firm with experts skilled in market data products, solutions and contract vendor management. We are committed to helping teams uncover insights that improve how they manage their market and reference data relationships.

We partner with our clients to answer the growing demands of their business by providing the expertise in the details that lead to increased profitability. Specifically, we offer a series of diagnostic tools that drive down costs while optimizing services. Learn more about how our Data License Compliance Manager tool can benefit your business in the video below:


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Our consultants are industry experts in market and reference data products, as well as investment management solutions. We deliver results that make a difference.

Why Market Data Company?

From inception, our focus has been on the complexities of market data and the critical third-party relationships built through data providers within the Capital Markets and Wealth Management industries.

The right people, solving the right problems with passion

Our people bring a mix of expertise to solve problems with a different, more dedicated mindset, devising powerful tools and solutions for our clients’ toughest challenges.

Highly effective market data governance structure

Our approach brings together a highly effective discipline that focuses on process, controls and process.

We’ve saved upwards of 35% on total data spend for our clients

At the end of the day, it’s our clients bottom line that we take care of, and the results speak for themselves.

Market data benchmarking with proven results

We create results that are predicated on our strengths surrounding benchmarking Market Data Vendors.

How our services add insight to your business

Taking Benchmarking to an entirely different level, our marketing data services offers you exceptional insight into data being consumed by the capital markets and wealth industry. With our current solutions, you gain the insights to take your strategy to the next level.

Trading technology managed services and products

Our clients are critical about providing the right data to their stakeholders. That's why our proprietary technology and expertise is pivotal in reporting how data is accessed and replicated across business applications allowing us to accurately and rapidly assess and predict where firms can optimize and right size their data needs.

Measure and compare your expense management capabilities

We have done extensive research over the past 10 years through our qualitative and quantitative analytics. As a result, we've developed an approach to compare individual company data to our proprietary industry benchmark. Our findings have been linked to the strength of a firms operational management and its short and long term investment strategy.

Match your strategy to your business needs

With expert knowledge of both your industry and your customer’s needs, you can keep your data consumption activities appropriate while optimizing your commercial obligations.

Capital market expense management benchmarking

Our benchmark adds exponential value through its categorization of products and services: technology, investments, productivity, operations, human resource strategies, and a host of other business functions. It’s a peer group assessment of our client’s 160 data activities against a set of best practices. Our benchmark has inspired discussions that explore qualitative measures – enhancing performance against benchmarks.

Research & Case Studies

MDC has completed extensive research over the past 10 years. Our findings have been linked to the strength of a firms operational management, and can be used to improve capabilities across client intelligence, trading strategies, and business productivity.

Data Management Compliance: The Right to Audit

THE RIGHT TO AUDIT is a common phrase used in most every Data Vendor or Exchange Agreement (Data Provider Agreements). It is neither new, misunderstood, nor misrepresented. Yet this term has wreaked havoc of late, as it exposes the three modern day plagues causing considerable distress amongst financial...

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The Value of Market Data Administration: Transparency, Accountability & Governance

AS FINANCIAL FIRMS GRAPPLE with increasing demands for market data, dealing with the number and complexity of market data licenses and subscriptions can be overwhelming. The volume and variety challenges their ability to effectively manage costs, control user-access, monitor usage, and produce ...

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MDC Forecasts 10-13% Increase in Data Spend

WITHOUT ANY CHANGE to consumption, service mix, or even annual price increases, Canadian-based financial services firms can expect a +10% price increase in their Market and Reference Data spend for 2014. To understand why, firms need only look to the fall of the CAD$ relative to the US$ for the change that will impact their general ledgers...

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