Our Services

We Offer

  • Strategy and Advisory Services
  • Compliance Audits
  • Reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Placement
  • Data Optimization
  • Data Management Assessment
  • Market Data Diagnostics
  • Research Services
  • Managed Services


Our Services

Demand Management

MDC uncovers critical internal consumption and cost information towards helping buy-side and sell-side firms manage user demands for services.

Vendor Management

MDC leverages relationship management practices for effective Procurement and ongoing Contract and Management. Our approach aims to establish the skill-­‐set and processes for maximizing Vendor services.

Operations & Technology Integration

MDC evaluates data delivery and processing functions for suitability of a firms given size . We optimize data sourcing and distribution within your firm based on your technology infrastructure and business requirements.

Data Administration

All MDC information and decisions are driven by sound, structured contract and services information. We provide resources to capture and manage all aspects of contractual relationships locally, or through our Managed Services offering.

Market Data Diagnostics

MDC establishes a baseline understanding of your current environment in providing advisory services that carry your organization from business case development to strategy. A path where “Quick Wins” are frequently identified to provide funding for adopting larger initiatives. Our developed approach is flexible and accommodating to your business requirements.

Our Focus

From inception, our focus has been on the dynamics and complexities of critical third-party relationships built through data providers within the the Capital Markets & Wealth Management industry.
Our global footprint enables us to field deep industry expertise in Real-time, Research, and Reference Data across the major financial centers.

Our consultants are experienced professionals and have a unique blend of financial services industry and consulting knowledge.

In a world of challenges to revenue growth the Market Data Company (MDC) is committed to helping financial investment firms drive down operating costs by optimizing data spend. We are a Professional Advisory Firm skilled at helping firms manage costs while exploring opportunities to grow revenue. We partner with our clients to answer the growing demands of their business by providing the expertise in the details that lead to increased profitability.

Operations and technology play a critical role to understanding data spend and cost impacts. Securing the appropriate data delivery methods often presents design challenges and requires careful analysis. Understanding the cost implications and keeping abreast of industry innovations is challenging. Investment Professionals depend on accurate and timely market information for effective decision making and place great demands on operations and technology staff to economically keep pace with change. To help our clients be efficiently competitive and defend against the ever increasing demand for data in an environment of complex options, the MDC has developed a series of diagnostic tools and programs that tangibly drive down costs while optimizing services.

  • Realigning services through identity management
  • Exploring industry innovations for longer term design
  • Improving data delivery methods or alternatives
  • Ward off predatory pricing practices
  • Consolidating services and eliminating duplication
  • Structuring an enhanced Governance Model

Our team of professionals have extensive exposure working with data, technology, system providers, end users, vendors and exchanges. Our clients include buy-side and sell-side firms where we service the following domains:

  • Traders
  • Research Analysts
  • Performance Analyst
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Administrative Support Staff
  • Risk Managers
  • Back office support

Asset Mangers critically rely on market data for investment decisions. Data is almost the highest cost for participants next to payroll. There is a tremendous amount of scrutiny and rationalization taking place industry wide. Firms are demanding more transparency and control over data spend governance and spend for the following purposes:

  • Controls on spend vs Budget
  • Managing invoices and Reconciliation
  • Paying the right price to vendors
  • Avoid buying duplicate data
  • Choosing the right service Profile
  • Governance
  • Controls
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory Reporting

Our Managed Service offering is designed to meet the mounting demand of administration related cost and spend transparency. A shift in how firms manage Market data is taking place and financial institution understand and finding value within a partnership model to reduce overhead in managing data.

Traditionally many firms aimed to retain trading infrastructure and operational process in house but a growing willingness to outsource is providing cost benefits specifically in a managed service in the following areas.

  • Ongoing analysis of invoices
  • Reconciliations contracts & invoices
  • Contract Management (commercials)
  • Database integration MDM, INFOmatch, FITS
  • Bench Marking spend against peer’s
  • Reporting and Spend analysis
  • Regular Performance checks

Managed services are being taken seriously by firms large and small seeking to reduce administrative overhead and support requirements.

The Market Data team provides the following services.

  • Market Data Strategy Formulation
  • Governance and Controls
  • Spending trend Analysis yr / yr
  • Industry leading practices
  • Workflow Management
  • Contract Management
  • System Integration
  • Co Location Service
  • Ultra Low Latency Exchange
  • Contract Administration
  • Global Contract Administration
  • Implement management tools
  • Aggregate 500+ vendor terms
  • Identify commercial terms
  • Identify notification periods
  • Negotiations and re negotiations
  • Enterprise Agreements
  • Consolidation
  • Commercial term workflow
  • Service Level Targets
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Vendor and Exchange Data
  • Security Metering Process
  • Redistribution transformation
  • Compliance and Vendor Audits
  • Negotiation Strategies

Today’s efficiency involves a real assessment of markets and options in which choices are readily available with true cost / benefits attached. These industry movements provide longer term decisions on where data is sourced, stored, hosted and delivered. The move towards these efficiencies is placing renewed emphasis on Market and Reference Data Management and Technology. More firms are beginning to look at options whether it is cloud computing or administration outsourcing, the reality is the industry is organically shifting in order to compete against cost pressures while finding ways to protect the ever increasing need for profit.

The Market Data company provides strategic solutions that address the growing concerns for sell-side and buy-side market participants. We help plan your growing business requirements by supporting the decision process addressing the right business requirement while reducing risk. We provide the Capital Markets and Wealth Management industry with market intelligence and technology-based solutions for market and reference data related opportunities. Our expertise spans the entire trade-flow cycle (front, middle, and back office functions) across all Assets classes.